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Bug reports, feature requests and general questions about Suffusion on WordPress.
Forum rules
1. No offensive language and no mocking
2. Please do a thorough search before you post something. Trust us, there is a high probability that the question you are asking has been asked previously.
3. No soliciting. You cannot post here soliciting bids for people offer you quotes, or even offer money to people for some work. You will be moderated if you do so. If you are looking for help, please post your request on or
4. Please be reasonable. You are getting software and support. For free. Complicated requests from a general purpose theme are not welcome and some volunteers might lose patience with you.
5. Please do your due diligence. If you posted a query and we answered with a link, take the trouble to go through the link contents.
6. Please post with complete information. Requests for help MUST be accompanied with your URL, particularly if you are asking something like "Why am I seeing a blank space?"
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  • Bug Reports
    Reports about issues that you encounter in Suffusion
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  • Feature Requests
    Requests for new features. You cannot post to this forum because new feature requests are not accepted any more.
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  • Support Requests
    General questions pertaining to how certain issues can be resolved
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  • Translations
    Translations of Suffusion into other languages
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  • How-To
    Answers to most frequent "how-to" questions on Suffusion. You cannot post to this forum, only the administrator can. You can check here for some of the most common questions and answers.
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