"Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" as "Display Name"

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"Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" as "Display Name"

Post by DestinyArchitect » 17 Jul 2012, 02:59

To repeat the subject expanded (since the Subject field here is way too limited as far as character count!):
Suffusion "Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" settings as apparently "Display name" so say "Order by" "post count" (key to listing which users have the top # of posts) is impossible (instead always appears sorted by "Display name").

I Google Searched for the problem but didn't find any posts on it (in fact I didn't even find any docs on the widget besides http://aquoid.com/news/themes/suffusion ... hment_1172 ).
Searching the source code http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/suffusi ... -users.php doesn't easily show the problem & fix (without carefully examining the code).

I observe this at http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD so running latest WordPress 3.4.1 in Suffusion “version 3.9.6” and latest 4.2.5.

As a random thought, perhaps it worked in earlier versions of WordPress but with WordPress's recent database upgrade, it's not working anymore.

Please help else I'll have to find & get some other widget.
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Re: "Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" as "Display N

Post by Colin » 17 Jul 2012, 04:20

You will probably have to wait for an answer / fix for this until Sayontan is back off holiday at the weekend.

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Re: "Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" as "Display N

Post by hughshields » 20 Aug 2013, 18:38

I am also experiencing problems with the Query Users widget. It no longer seems possible to show just display gravatars without user details. When I set "number of users to display" to any number and "Number of users for whom all details will be displayed" to zero I get no results. This used to work on my site but now returns no result.
If anyone can get this to work then please let me know how.

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Re: "Query Users" widget treats all "Order by" as "Display N

Post by callmeandy » 19 Oct 2013, 17:36

Its not working for me either its sorting on username as far as I can see - nothing else - Ascending and descending is working and display is as expected just order messed up - was hoping to display by posts count!

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