"page lists plus" bug????

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"page lists plus" bug????

Postby marikamitsos » 27 Nov 2009, 11:39

Thank you so much for your great theme! It is wonderful ;)

Still.... I also use the "page lists plus" plugin by technokinetics.com.
For some reason (though I managed to with other themes) I cannot get it to work with suffusion.
Meaning: I changed the link text and redirected a page which is a second child of a motherpage.
The problem is that the navigation bar keeps showing the original link to the page as well as the original link text and does not redirect.
On the other hand when it comes to the breadcrumbs they both display and redirect correctly when "Show all siblings" is chosen, but has no effect whith "show entire path to the page".

So I guess it must be on the way the pages are called for.
Please have a look. Thank you in advance for all your efforts
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Re: "page lists plus" bug????

Postby sayontan » 27 Nov 2009, 12:01

Page Lists Plus overrides a function of WP called wp_list_pages. This function has some issues when you try to exclude pages in a hierarchical navigation. So I had to use another function called get_pages and build my own code around it.

But I took care to provide the functionality of Page Lists Plus within Suffusion - you can specify a "Page Title in Dropdown Menu" value for each page. Just look at the "Additional Options for Suffusion" section right below the page editor.
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