Nav and menu/widgets above header in Responsive Layouts

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Nav and menu/widgets above header in Responsive Layouts

Post by timhfl386 » 29 Nov 2014, 08:43

I am experimenting with 4.4.7 on WP 4.0.1.

In Suffusion Options - Layout - Responsive Layouts, I don't see a way to completely govern the "Widgets Above Header" part of the theme, instead there is "Navigation Menu", but this seems to govern the main menu when it lies below the header.

The rest of Responsive Layouts works fine for me, just as expected.

When I assign a menu to the area above the header, and assign a menu to the area below the header, behavior is as expected
on normal sized screens except as noted below, but on a sufficiently small screen, the menu below the header is also appearing above the header, in addition to the menu that is supposed to be above the header. So the main menu appears twice on mobile devices. I have tested this with Android and also by simply making my Chrome, Firefox or IE browser window sufficiently small.

On all sizes of screens, I have to click twice on the item in the menu above header, to get it to launch. The first click does nothing. The second click launches the linked site in the same window.

My site does not have a header graphic.

I plan to experiment with custom html inside a widget above the header and use some advice I found on this board concerning positioning the widget as desired. That will probably get me to what I hope to achieve - a single band running
across the top of the page with a clickable message, and the click takes you to another site. This note isn't about my specific problem. I think I can work around these issues.

1. Why should I have to click twice on a link? That's not happening anywhere else on my test site.
2. Why do both menus show up above the header?

Thanks so much for reading!

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Re: Nav and menu/widgets above header in Responsive Layouts

Post by drake » 01 Dec 2014, 20:36

Please read my article: ... esponsive/
Near to the bottom, at "A bit of Custom Styles" is a solution for your problem.