BP Forum Topic List Compressed

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BP Forum Topic List Compressed

Post by cspowers » 15 Apr 2011, 05:40


I am working on a new site. I'm using WP 3.1.1, BP 1.2.8, Suffusion BP Pack 1.0.2, and a child theme based on Suffusion 3.7.8. I have made not changes to the Suffusion theme files.

I've generated the BP files following the instructions on the Suffusion BP Pack.

My problem is, when I go to a group forum's topic list. The listing is compressed horizontally and does not use the entire width of the page area that is available to it. I have tried both with fluid width and constant width theme settings. No matter what I set, it seems to always want to make the topic list the same compressed width.

I have a test site with just BP installed and it doesn't have this problem.

Is this a bug? Any ideas how to create a work around?
screen shot showing the horizontal compression of the topic list in a BP forum
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