How to Set Order of Category Blocksin the Magazine Template

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How to Set Order of Category Blocksin the Magazine Template

Post by cspowers » 21 Apr 2011, 12:48

I tried to post this to the How To Forum but I don't think I have access. But I wanted to share a quick and dirty, no-code-required way to control the order that category blocks appear on the magazine template.

First, I went into the Suffusion options for the magazine template and unchecked all my current category selections and saved the options.
Second, I went into the category definitions and added numbers to the beginning of each category name that I wanted to have appear in the magazine template. I assigned numbers based on the order I wanted them to appear on the magazine page. I made sure that I used fixed width numbers with leading zeros to make sure all the numbers take up the same number of characters in the category name.
Third, I went back into the Suffusion options and went to the list of categories for the category block section. The categories are now displayed but they are sorted in the numeric order based on the numbers I assigned. I selected all the categories that had a number at the beginning and then saved the options.

Now the category blocks appear in the order I want them. The category names have the number in front of them, but I don't really care about that.

I suppose I could edit the magazine template, find the spot where the category name is printed on the page and chop off the first few characters off the category name before printing it on the page. But I try to never change the parent template files unless I really really need to.