Widget Area Above Footer not displaying

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Re: Widget Area Above Footer not displaying

Post by drake » 12 Jan 2014, 07:05

Minima, Photonique and Scribbles are hard to be customized as they are already customized skins of Suffusion. The other skins are more "general".
But Widget Area Above Footer is by default INSIDE the wrapper no matter skin you use - and for getting it outside, either you need to edit php files, either to use javascript.

I can see that your Widget Area Above Footer is not active, for being active you need not only to activate it at Suffusion Options -> Sidebars -> Widget Area Above Footer, but also to have at least one widget added in that area.

If after activating and adding widgets, your Widget Area Above Footer is outside the wrapper it means only one thing - you or your developer has edited the theme files and moved the widget area there. It is not just a simply guess, in your markup I can see div's which aren't added by Suffusion like "gfooter", "siteInfo2", all wrapper contained in an "on-click" section and so on... This changes cannot be achieved without changing files, or when those files was changed probably was altered also the position of Widget Area Above Footer.

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Re: Widget Area Above Footer not displaying

Post by myob9a » 13 Jan 2014, 16:23

Thanks for the comment. It turned out to be an issue with header.php in the child theme