Paged Comment Indices - solution included

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Paged Comment Indices - solution included

Postby metal450 » 27 Mar 2010, 15:40

Hey Sayontan,

Thanks for getting the paged comments fixed up - it works great :) One other small "fix" I might recommend though is the following: ... g-css.html

Currently, comment numbering starts at "1" regardless of which comments page you're viewing. This is a bit counterintuitive as "comment #1" is actually i.e. comment #20 (the continuation of a conversation on a previous page) - but you wouldn't know that unless you scrolled all the way to the bottom to see the comments paging links. By starting the comment numbering at a given comment's "real offset", it becomes obvious at a glance which comment# you're looking at (and how many are included on the previous pages).

I'd be happy to implement this myself, but since it's such a quick fix and it's something I'm sure others would appreciate too, I thought I'd bring it to your attention :)
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