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Rel Canonical In Header Section

Postby Dark_Fox28 » 04 Apr 2010, 02:45


Google recently released new pageranks and i did have a pagerank of 2 and seemed to be moving up in the world because i know from installing Google Analytics that my blog is getting more visitors each day but here comes my problem.

Google webmasters is reporting a lot of duplicate content on my site, now obviously it isn't really duplicate content and it's actually finding stuff i posted to Digg or Twitter or tags and archives within the site and reading this as duplicate content and i have been penalised for it as i'm now down to pagerank 1 despite getting many more visitors each day.

I know Wordpress is supposed to have a Canonical Rel within its header but i don't see it when i click view page source. I have added it to the suffusion theme header and i wondering if on the next release you can have this in the header section.

Update to post:
I actually added a Canonical Url plugin which is working great now.
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