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image dimensions

Posted: 05 Sep 2014, 00:51
by ben
Hi to all and specially for my friend Drake...
i dont know where can i found attributes.

for page speed i have to Specify image dimensions:
The following image(s) are missing width and/or height attributes.

image for header
images for slider

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 13 Oct 2014, 06:00
by ben
Hi, anyone can help for this

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 13 Oct 2014, 18:45
by drake
Where you see this request? Because on Google Pagespeed Insights I cannot see such request: ... ab=desktop

And I cannot see such request because google renounced to it long time ago. Now all things goes in "responsive" direction. Even on Pagespeed Insights can see two sets of recommendations, one for mobiles, one for desktops. And guess what... fixed images, with "width" and "height" attributes defined, cannot be responsive. They stay at their fixed dimensions on any screen, at any resolution. For being responsive, any site, with any theme, is required to not have any fixed element, all widths need to be fluid.

Even looking on your site can see that the slider is responsive, but your fixed images are cutted when the resolution goes below 400px. (the header is cutted because you didn't select "Resize header foreground images (logos) proportionately" at Suffusion Options -> Layouts -> Responsive Layout).

In the past, Google ask for "width" and "height" because images take a lot of time to load. By having these attributes defined, browsers can reserve the space for images and show immediately the site, loading images later. It was a benefit in the past... when take minutes to load a page... but now, all elements are loaded in milliseconds... don't have time to see blank containers without images... so, reserving these containers is obsolete, and Google ask instead to use optimized images. Don't upload large images of 4500x3500px and 300dpi when your site can show images with maximum 1200x800px with 72dpi - the site will loose a lot of time for preparing those images to be showed. Prepare yourself the images and save them at final dimensions. Then on your site use Smush-it plugin to compress the images when you upload them. And let them to be responsive.

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 09:07
by ben
Hi Drake,
this request is from Pingdom and GTmetrix
i already use the plugin smash it
the dimensions required is for header image and slider images

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 20:41
by drake
No, Pingdom don't say anything about the size of images (or I cannot see them in recommendations for your site - attached)
pingdom-ben.JPG (84.63 KiB) Viewed 3328 times
Only GT-Metrix in it's PAGESPEED section say that your images are bad... So... GT-Metrix test your site against Google Pagespeed and reveal a problem with images... Hmmmm.... but if you look directly at Google Pagespeed this problem don't exist... What service to trust? The original one from Google or this one from GT-Metrix... How you know if GT-Metrix have adapted their tests to reflect the actual requests or they serve warnings from years ago?

Now. If you really want to lose responsivity for nothing go at Suffusion Options -> Other Graphical Elements -> Featured Content -> How to show and set custom width and custom height for featured images and deselect below "Make images stretch to full-width of the slider".
For header image I cannot see a solution.

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 21:45
by mbrsolution
Hi @Ben, like @Drake mentioned previously. Who do you trust. However in regards to Gtmetrix this is what they say in regards to image dimensions.
Page Speed currently only detects image dimensions that are specified via the image attributes. If you are specifying the dimensions via CSS, then you can safely ignore this recommendation.
So if you are using CSS then you don't have to worry what Gtmetrix says about your website.

Kind regards

Re: image dimensions

Posted: 15 Oct 2014, 07:03
by ben
Thank you guys, so mush in helping
i keep the images as it is.
Ciao a tutti