A new version of Suffusion? Have your say.

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This forum is closed with effect from February 2019. Please post future requests on https://github.com/sayontan/suffusion.

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Re: A new version of Suffusion? Have your say.

Post by elodea » 13 Nov 2015, 05:07

Hi Colin, thanks for your kind information. I am very relieved now.

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Re: A new version of Suffusion? 4.4.8!

Post by Growltiger » 17 Nov 2015, 05:20

I am overjoyed to find Suffusion 4.4.8 has appeared. I upgraded my three websites to it with no problems at all. After checking through the menus I do not appear to have used any options that have been removed. So a huge thank you for keeping Suffusion alive and well.

A few questions to help my understanding if I may.

1. It was stated earlier that it would take a great deal of work to make it comply to the WordPress standards, and that it might even need the creation of a lite version. But 4.4.8 seems to still do almost everything, and yet it is now compliant. Is that right? And does this mean that there is a good chance it will continue to be OK many years from now?

2. My concern has been that Suffusion seems to be the only theme that offers all this easy menu driven customisation. To achieve the same results without Suffusion is of course possible, but it would take a huge amount of study and research, and experimentation, to achieve. So we need Suffusion badly.

3. Why are there no other wonderful themes with customisation like this? Is the answer simply that it is too much work to build them?

4. Why doesn't WordPress add a whole lot of the most popular and important options into the core product, so all themes can benefit? Suffusion shows how to do it.

Thanks again.