Wrong title displayed if using query posts widgets

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Wrong title displayed if using query posts widgets

Postby newbie2012 » 27 Mar 2012, 20:00


I would really appreciate some help.

I am using Wordpress SEO by Yoast and I've noticed that when I add a query post on my website, the title displayed on my browser is always the title of the last post in the query post widget.

I've found on the web that the way to solve this is to make sure that the call to wp_head or wp_title (not sure which one) has to come before the call to query_posts.

I'm not familiar with coding and was wondering how I could achieve this with a child theme?

1. I did not add <title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title> to my header.php but just checked the box to Force rewrite titles in the Wordpress SEO plugin
2. The two widgets on the right ("Top Stories" and "Other Stories") are query posts widgets

Example of wrong title being displayed on browser title: http://www.flirtingsms.org/michael-fior ... hip-expert

Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. Would doing this cause any possible problems?
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[Solved] Wrong title displayed if using query posts widgets

Postby newbie2012 » 16 Apr 2012, 08:04

Thanks to Sayontan for the solution (although I think it's now already added in the latest releases). If not,

Sayontan Sinha wrote:

In the suffusion-query-posts.php file, around line 182 you will see this:

Code: Select all
$ret .= "</ul>";

Just before this line add:

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