Anyfont plugin not compatible?

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Anyfont plugin not compatible?

Post by cpneill » 25 Mar 2010, 13:47

I tried to use the Anyfont plugin to change the font of my blog title in the header at the top of my page and the change isn't displaying. Has anyone else has had any luck with Anyfont and Suffusion?

If I could change the header font using custom css, maybe that would be easier than trying to get the plugin to work. I understand how custom css works, but I don't know what to type to change only the font of the header without affecting the fonts of the posts and such. I used Safari's Web Inspector to get the code for my header, but am lost from there. Could someone tell me which part of the following code to change to change the font?

* suffusion.js - Contains all custom JavaScript functions required by Suffusion

$j = jQuery.noConflict();

$j(document).ready(function() {
/* Magazine JS, for the headline section */
$j('div.suf-mag-headlines div.suf-mag-headline-photo').hide();
$j('div.suf-mag-headline-block ul.mag-headlines li.suf-mag-headline-first a').addClass('tab-current');

$j('div.suf-mag-headline-block ul.mag-headlines li a').hover(function(){
var thisClass = this.className.substring(17, this.className.indexOf(" "));
$j('div.suf-mag-headlines div.suf-mag-headline-photo').hide();
$j('div.suf-mag-headline-block ul.mag-headlines li a').removeClass('tab-current');
$j('div.suf-mag-headline-photo-' + thisClass).show();
} );
/* End Magazine JS */

/* Tabbed Widgets */
$j(' div.sidebar-tab-content').hide();
$j(' ul.sidebar-tabs li.sbtab-first a').addClass('tab-current');

$j(' ul.sidebar-tabs li a').click(function(){
var thisClass = this.className.substring(6, this.className.indexOf(" "));
$j(' div').hide();
$j('div.sbtab-content-' + thisClass).show();
$j(' ul.sidebar-tabs li a').removeClass('tab-current');
/* End Tabbed Widgets */

/* JQuery-based fix for widgets that do not print "after_title" */
$j('.dbx-handle').each(function() {
/* End JQuery-based fix */

jQuery("#nav ul.sf-menu li").hover(
if (suf_nav_effect == 'fade') {
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').show(suf_nav_delay).fadeIn().css({visibility: "visible"}); /* */
else {
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').show(suf_nav_delay).css({visibility: "visible"}); /* */
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').css({visibility: "hidden"}); /* */
}).bgIframe({opacity: 'show'});

jQuery("#nav-top ul.sf-menu li").hover(
if (suf_navt_effect == 'fade') {
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').show(suf_navt_delay).fadeIn().css({visibility: "visible"}); /* */
else {
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').show(suf_navt_delay).css({visibility: "visible"}); /* */
jQuery(this).find('ul:first').css({visibility: "hidden"}); /* */
}).bgIframe({opacity: 'show'});

// Expand Panel
$j("#top-bar-right-spanel-tab .open").click(function(){
// Collapse Panel
$j("#top-bar-right-spanel-tab .close").click(function(){
// Switch buttons from "Log In | Register" to "Close Panel" on click
$j("#top-bar-right-spanel-tab .toggle a").click(function () {
$j("#top-bar-right-spanel-tab .toggle a").toggle();

By the way, much thanks to sayontan for the awesome theme with so much custom control, and for free!

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Re: Anyfont plugin not compatible?

Post by sayontan » 26 Mar 2010, 07:29

To change the font put this in your Custom Styles option:

Code: Select all

.blogtitle {
    your new font's CSS details
The JS file you pasted out will not help you.