Smugmug albums run together after first/last image

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Smugmug albums run together after first/last image

Post by Ravensong » 07 Apr 2015, 18:35

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just the way things work. I can't provide a URL yet because the page is still private - I don't want the public to view it until I am done tweaking things.

I have a page showing my smugmug albums. When you click on an album, it shows those thumbs. If you go to the album's first or last image in lightbox view, and click on previous or next it takes you to another image in another album. I would expect the album to "end" with the first and last images, and not have the option to continue in the lightbox view without selecting another album. I also can't figure out how it is choosing which album to continue in- it seems kind of random.

Can this be changed?

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Re: Smugmug albums run together after first/last image

Post by sayontan » 12 Jan 2016, 10:03

Sorry for the delayed response - I hadn't been monitoring the forum for a while.

This has been fixed with version 1.52. I wasn't aware that this was an issue (apparently something that has existed since version 1.00 of the plugin!)