Feb 032010

Version 3.2.6 of Suffusion went live today. Hopefully people with download issues on 3.2.5 will not face the same problems on 3.2.6. The following are the changes in 3.2.6:

  1. New Navigation Bar
    Bowing to frequent demand, I decided to provide a new navigation bar!! This navigation bar occurs at the top of the page, above the header. It has drop-down menus enabled and you can add pages, categories and links to it. Currently there are no widget areas there, but that will be a new feature very very soon.
  2. Customizable 404 Page Content
    You can now set the title and content of the 404 pages to something other than the rather boring and monotonous defaults. And yes, you can use short codes there.
  3. Fixed a bug in the custom styles calculations that was not passing the number of sidebars to a function call.

As you can see, I am in the process of opening up the layout of the theme in a bid to make it more flexible. In the last release I provided a handful of new templates and here you have a new navigation bar. Soon I will add new widget areas. Soon.

Feb 012010

Version 3.2.5 of Suffusion was released today. The following are the new changes:

  1. New Templates
    I have provided 5 new templates with different sidebar layouts in the theme. For each template you can control the widths of the content and each sidebar:
    1. Single Left Sidebar
    2. Single Right Sidebar
    3. Single Left, Single Right Sidebar
    4. Double Left Sidebars
    5. Double Right Sidebars
  2. New Short Codes
    A handful of new short codes have been provided:
    1. suffusion-loginout – Analogous to the call wp_loginout(). Takes the parameter “redirect”
    2. suffusion-register – Analogous to the call wp_register(). Takes the parameters “before” and “after”
    3. suffusion-login-url – Analogous to the call wp_login_url(). Takes the parameter “redirect”
    4. suffusion-logout-url – Analogous to the call wp_logout_url(). Takes the parameter “redirect”
Jan 282010

Version 3.2.4 was released today with the following features:

  1. More short codes and short code support
    Short code support has been added to text widgets, the sidebar tabs and to the page footer. In addition I created a new short code for printing post information. The short code is called suffusion-the-post and can be used with a parameter called display=’id’ or display=’title’ or display=’permalink’
  2. Fixed a bug that was causing links in the navigation bar to be taken to new windows instead of being opened in the same window.
Jan 272010

Version 3.2.3 of Suffusion was released today. The following were the key modifications:

  1. Full WordPress 2.9 Support
    In a recent release I provided support for user contact methods, a WP 2.9 feature. In this release I have incorporated the other WP 2.9 features that can be bundled with a theme:
    1. Post Thumbnails
      Now you don’t have to go through the “Thumbnail” field in “Additional Options for Suffusion” to define post thumbnails. If you have WP 2.9 or higher you should see a section on the right side of your “Edit Page” or “Edit Post” screens that says “Page Thumbnail” or “Post Thumbnail”. Using this you can images from your media library. You can also choose to display this thumbnail in your post / page itself, not just in the excerpt. Mind you, if you want to continue using the old method, you can do so without impact.
    2. Excerpt Controls
      You can now change the length of the auto-generated excerpt and also the “[…]” that appears at the end of an excerpt.
  2. Added “target” support for “Links” in dropdown menus. Earlier the links would all open in the same page. Now they will open based on the setting in the “Edit Link” page.
  3. Fixed a Featured Content image sizing issue
    In my zeal to release a TimThumb based image resizing approach I had mucked up some code, causing the “full size” setting to be ignored for images in the Featured Content slider. I have fixed this.
  4. Fixed an “empty” Featured Content issue
    In certain cases the featured content section would display an empty box. This has been fixed.
  5. Fixed an “excerpts” bug
    There was a bug that caused posts to appear as excerpts even if the full posts were to be displayed. I have fixed this.
Jan 252010

After the glitches with the version distributed by WP for 3.2.0, I am happy to announce the release of 3.2.2. Do let me know if you face download issues with the new version – I will report it to WP. The following are the major features of this version:

  1. New Thumbnail Resizing

    In the past I received a fair share of reports regarding image resizing not working well enough. A lot of it had to do with WP caching an image with a different size. With this release I switched to the ultra-popular TimThumb resizing script. I did have to make my fair share of tweaks to get this to work as I would have liked, but it wasn’t that difficult. Hopefully things should work for you out of the box. If you download the new version of the theme TimThumb should be activated by default.

    Depending on the permissions you have, things should work smoothly for you from the start. If it doesn’t, check the folder called wp-content/uploads. Do you have “write” permissions on it? If so, are there folders called “thumb-cache” and “thumb-temp” there? You might need to change their permissions to “777” through shell access on your hosting account.

    Also, you may have issues getting TimThumb to work with WP-MU. Note that you can always switch back to the default WP resizing method if you don’t like TimThumb or if things don’t work out well for you. Go to Blog Features –> Excerpts / Full Contents –> Use TimThumb for Resizing and change the setting.

  2. Fixed a Twitter Widget rendering bug
    I had made a rather simple coding error that was causing invalid XHTML code output for the Twitter widget under certain conditions. I have fixed this.
  3. Fixed a W3C XHTML validation issue
    Thanks to a post on the support forum, I fixed an XHTML validation issue that was occurring for the featured posts.
  4. Fixed an alignment issue for the “Follow Me” widget in the “Right Header Widgets”
    This was again one of those things that escaped my attention the first time and got fixed thanks to a bug report.

I have another bug on my radar for the next version, which deals with featured content. I am also considering providing some short codes and templates in the next version.

Jan 232010

I have received a sizeable number of reports from people trying to upgrade to version 3.2.0 from WordPress facing issues claiming that the automatic upgrade reports some files missing. The reason for this is sometimes the download file gets corrupted. I have faced this problem a few times in the past, with version 2.4.9, 3.1.9 and now 3.2.0. There is nothing wrong with the theme itself, but for some reason the download doesn’t work for some people. To cite an example I could do a smooth upgrade on 2 of my sites, but on the third site I faced the problem myself.

Anyway, if you face problems, please see this thread on the support forum. I have provided the right file to download over there along with instructions.

Jan 202010

Version 3.2.0 was released today. This is a small release with few, but important changes:

  1. A new template for “All Bookmarks” – A “bookmark”, in WP-speak is an external link. This template will list out all the links defined for your blog.
  2. A modification to the “Author Info” section – I had added this at the end of the content earlier, but revised the implementation to add this before the end of the post. Might seem like a minor thing, or a “non-change”, but the difference is seen when you are using specific page templates like “All Categories” or “All Authors”
  3. A cosmetic change to the “Follow Me” widget – It was pointed out to me that the email subscription field in the “Follow Me” widget was not showing the “default text” unless you actually clicked on the field and then clicked out of it. I have fixed this.

I am working on a better image resizing capability, since a lot of users have had issues stating that the custom image size was not working. This should be done for 3.2.1. Also, there have been quite a few covert changes which will help me transition smoothly into the next big thing – custom layouts.

Jan 192010

It was quite a surprise to see WordPress approve version 3.1.9 before 8:30 AM on the Pacific Coast. Nonetheless, here are the highlights of this release:

  1. “Update Available” notification:

    I am happy to announce that I have put in support for a long-requested feature: an “Update Available” notification!! Mind you, if you have problems with automatic upgrades in general, this feature might not work. However, in general it should. After you install version 3.1.9, whenever you have a new version you should see something like this:

  2. User Profile Enhancement:
    There were some nifty enhancements in WordPress 2.9. This release takes advantage of one such feature – custom contact methods. Under “Blog Features” you will now see a section called “User Profiles”. You can then choose to include things like your Facebook and Twitter information in the Users –> Your Profile section.
  3. Author short codes
    A nice addition in this release is a set of very useful short codes. The short code is called “suffusion-the-author”. You can invoke it in your posts / pages by writing this:
    [suffusion-the-author display=’what-to-display’]

    The complete list of arguments that you can pass to the ‘display’ parameter is as follows:

    1. author – Shows the author name as defined in the “Display name publicly as” setting for the user
    2. modified-author – Shows the author who last modified the post
    3. description – Shows the author description, as filled in the profile page
    4. login – Shows the login id of the author
    5. first-name – First name of the author, as filled in the profile page
    6. last-name – Last name of the author, as filled in the profile page
    7. nickname – Nickname of the author, as filled in the profile page
    8. id – Id of the author
    9. url – Website of the author, as filled in the profile page
    10. email – Email of the author, as filled in the profile page
    11. link – Shows the website of the author if available, otherwise shows the display name
    12. aim – The link to the AIM profile
    13. yim – The link to the Yahoo IM profile
    14. posts – Number of posts by the author
    15. posts-url – A link to the author page for the author
    16. twitter – The link to the Twitter page, available only if Twitter is included in the user profile.
    17. facebook – The link to the Facebook page, available only if Facebook is included in the user profile.
    18. technorati – The link to the Technorati page, available only if Technorati is included in the user profile.
    19. linkedin – The link to the LinkedIn page, available only if LinkedIn is included in the user profile.
    20. flickr – The link to the Flickr page, available only if Flickr is included in the user profile.
    21. delicious – The link to the Delicious page, available only if Delicious is included in the user profile.
    22. digg – The link to the Digg page, available only if Digg is included in the user profile.
    23. stumbleupon – The link to the StumbleUpon page, available only if StumbleUpon is included in the user profile.
    24. reddit – The link to the Reddit page, available only if Reddit is included in the user profile.
  4. “About the Author”

    You can now display an “About the Author” section for posts and pages. Fill in the contents in the “Author Information Content” section of the “User Profiles” section. You can mix and match the author short codes in this option:

    [suffusion-the-author display=’description’] 
    [suffusion-the-author] has written <a href=”[suffusion-the-author display=’posts-url’]”>[suffusion-the-author display=’posts’] posts</a>. 

    This will generate put in the author description and add a line indicating how many posts the author has written.

I would like to take a moment and thank Connie Müller-Gödecke and Scott Beardsley for the incredible help you have been on the support forum. You have both considerably eased my workload!

Jan 192010

Version 3.1.8 was released on 18th January 2010. This version has some bug fixes and some minor enhancements:

  1. A “flattened” mode was added for the sidebars. Instead of the traditional “boxed” layout you can opt for a flat look. Take a look at “Sidebars and Widget Areas” in “Visual Effects”
  2. Did some CSS optimization and removed a lot of CSS code from individual color schemes. This should make the pages load faster
  3. Some people were facing issues with one of the widgets included in version 3.1.6 (the “Follow Me” widget). The problem had more to do with uncooperative and paranoid hosts. I had initially refused to address this because it is not a problem with the theme and moreover the hosts banking on this feature (the PHP “safe mode”) are using something from PHP 4, which has been deprecated in PHP 5 and will be altogether removed in PHP 6. Eventually I relented and provided a patch. I don’t understand the fascination that some hosts have with outdated software, though – it is incredibly restrictive and serves absolutely no purpose other than supporting some arcane applications. See this thread for details.
  4. There was a bug in IE 7 where the “Edit” icon was showing up on singular views, or single pages and posts. I have fixed this.
  5. There is now a new Brazilian Portuguese translation! Thanks to Paulo Cesar for the same.

As I write this I am working on version 3.1.9, which will provide a bunch of author-related short codes. This will help you build an “author info” section for each post / page, which is something I am providing capabilities for, too!

Jan 122010

Version 3.1.7 (released today) has one minor fix for folks using PHP 4. It doesn’t add anything else on top of 3.1.6. However, if you haven’t downloaded 3.1.6, you are advised to download 3.1.7.