Using Photonic with simple parameters the gallery short-code can now be used to display albums and photos from Picasa:

The main switch for Picasa is the type parameter. You also need to have a user id:

 [gallery type='picasa' user_id='abc'] 

You can also control various skinning aspects of how the thumbnails are displayed.

Google Photos vs. PicasaWeb

In its infinite wisdom, Google’s somewhat new Google Photos doesn’t have a public API, and the old Picasa API remains. As a result Photonic is compelled to use Picasa’s API. If you have created an album in Google Photos, you cannot directly use its ID in the plugin. But you can go to your PicasaWeb account and see the newly created album listed there. You will also notice that PicasaWeb offers 2 options for “Limited” sharing – restricted albums from Google Photos show up as “Limited”, while the classical PicasaWeb option of “Limited, anyone with the link” still exists. You will need to change the album’s security settings to “Limited, anyone with the link”, unless you want to make it public. You can then use the authkey parameter to show the album using Photonic. For more details see the Albums page.