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by MMar
14 Dec 2010, 15:59
Forum: Support Requests
Topic: Category Menu
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Category Menu

Hi Sanyotan, I placed the categories in the main navigation menu, but the category item itself cannot be clicked. I was thinking that when someone clicked on the category item, they could go to that category page and see the description I wrote for the category and then the posts within that categor...
by MMar
14 Dec 2010, 15:53
Forum: Support Requests
Topic: Main Page lay out
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Main Page lay out

Hi, Sanyosan, I've set up the featured content to show up to 10 posts (excerpts), and it does in most pages automatically, but not in the main page. Is there a specific set up item that I am missing? The slider shows the posts, but they are not featured below in the main page. Only a link to older p...
by MMar
12 Dec 2010, 14:29
Forum: Translations
Topic: Available Translations for 2.4.7
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Re: Available Translations for 2.4.7

Hi, Sanyotan, I am helping a friend install your theme for her blog, 'cause I recommended it to her and she loved it. We share our WP blogs on the same server, and I'm doing the template stuff for her, and her site is in Spanish. So I see these two links, but don't know what they are. Which link sho...
by MMar
07 Dec 2010, 18:54
Forum: Support Requests
Topic: Featured posts struggle
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Re: Featured posts struggle

Hi, Sanyosan and the volunteers here, (I hope that I am posting this the correct way, as I could not find any button that said "post", only "reply.") First, I want to congratulate you on the best theme I have yet seen or tried in WP. It is excellent and allows so much customization that I am really ...