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by Mindy Joy
07 Jun 2013, 00:52
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: suffusion is totally dysfuctional
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suffusion is totally dysfuctional

the question should be what issues am i not having with suffusion. no matter what i do nothing works. the theme is complex but not esoteric and yet somehow the most simple instructions seem to go into a black hole. i now have a sidebar widget stuck on the bottom right. i enabled the drag and drop fo...
by Mindy Joy
06 Jun 2013, 18:52
Forum: Support Requests
Topic: set folder for rotating header images
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set folder for rotating header images

i'm having the darndest time doing this. the path is C:\Documents and Settings\Mindy Rutkovitz\My Documents\RoadTripSFTours\Photographs\Website photos\Rotating Header, which i copy and paste into the search bar, but it seems that i am unable to enter the path to this folder under the correct directo...