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by BlogBomber
10 Mar 2011, 14:14
Forum: Support Requests
Topic: Google Webmaster Meta Tags
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Re: Google Webmaster Meta Tags

Here is what you can do: 1. Create a file called "custom-includes.php". Put this in some folder like wp-content. Don't put it in your "suffusion" folder as that will get overwritten in an upgrade. 2. Go to Suffusion Theme Options -> Blog Features -> Custom Includes -> Custom PHP. Put in the file of...
by BlogBomber
10 Mar 2011, 14:05
Forum: Translations
Topic: German Translation 3.1.5
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Re: German Translation 3.1.5

Swopo, These are very good questions that require answering. The key in your question is "it is not possible to change the language of the theme-administration ". There are many aspects of Suffusion, but largely they can be grouped into 3: The theme options (theme administration) The widgets (blog ...
by BlogBomber
10 Mar 2011, 13:25
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Categories in top Nav Bar
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Re: Categories in top Nav Bar

I am using 3.7.8 . My categories menu is only showing no categories on drop down. I tried several options of including all and just the categories checked. The drop down shows "No Categories" on rollover in a smaller tab format, but none of the categories I made. thanks for your help. There will be...