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Custom Layout X-Browser Issue

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 19:41
by fchang

I've just installed the new version 4.2.2. Here are a few things that I've observed using the Custom Layout:
- Under the latest Safari and Chrome: some widgets are overlapping one another (grey section under header, 2nd & 3rd column; the thumbnail on the 1st row, 3rd column is cut off)
- Under Safari only: there's an extra space above the 1st column widget (bottom blue section) if the "content" of the 3rd widget in the same row (far right) is smaller than the rest. The layout setting for that section is 3 column, same height on same row. If the 3rd widget is the archive widget in non-dropdown mode (more content), all widgets will be aligned properly.
- Under all browser types, the 'Archive Widget' still have some kind of icon overlapping the 'month' in non-dropdown mode.

stg (dot) northleaschool (dot) ca

I've deleted the page and recreated a new one from scratch using custom layout after updating to the new theme version. WP version the latest stable release.

Thanks in advance for all your help.