How to change Navigation Button Background Width

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How to change Navigation Button Background Width

Post by BCSpiritBear » 20 Feb 2014, 18:37

Since it took most of the day to figure this one out, I thought I'd share.

To change Navigation Button Background Width go to your Wordpress dashboard, Appearance, Editor, CSS Style sheet (Defaults on left) for Suffusion Theme.
To find code quickly (when is wordpress going to give CSS code a search button?) hit Control F, on the bottom left will be a small search window for the CSS, put in the window the following code:
/*style the second level links*/
then hit Enter and you will be taken to exactly where that CSS is listed. Now in Width, just under that code, change from the set pixels to the width you want for your button background. Then update and check your site and change accordingly. This is especially useful when your button titles are on the longer side, so the text doesn't fly out on hover without a background behind it.
I know it's not very techie to say "this area of code" is where you can change many features of the Nav Buttons and Nav Bar.
I sincerely hope this saves you banging your head against the wall for hours.

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Re: How to change Navigation Button Background Width

Post by drake » 20 Feb 2014, 18:55

Not only "it's not very techie" but is completely wrong. At first update of theme you will lose this change and any change you did in any file of theme.
Suffusion have an option area named Custom Includes, changes from here are added in the database and will be safe in case of upgrades, any change need to be added there. So, for your hack, you simply can add at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles:

Code: Select all

#nav ul ul a, #nav ul ul a:visited {width:250px;}
(or any other value you like)