Problem with Feature Content Slider

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Problem with Feature Content Slider

Post by » 15 May 2014, 20:30

My website

The slides disappear while the slider numbers still here and keeps moving.
I temporarily fix the problem by putting codes in 'custom includes'
But i would like to set it in Other Graphic Elements > Feature Content

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Re: Problem with Feature Content Slider

Post by drake » 16 May 2014, 04:02

Did you updated something on your site recently? Suffusion wasn't updated from August 2013 and you can guess, on your site nothing was changed last days because of Suffusion. All Suffusion features need to works today, as it works yesterday, nothing being changed.

However you have a lot of js errors probably pertaining to the plugins/tracking codes used on your site. Only one of these errors are capable to break any other javascript on a site, including the codes for featured slider.