when sorted by tag/category, the nav bar vanishes

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when sorted by tag/category, the nav bar vanishes

Post by fiorita » 30 May 2014, 11:15


I have a problem here. When I click on a tag or category (under a post, for example), new page opens that show all the posts with the same tags or categories, but the navigation bar vanishes. please try it on http://www.fiorita.cz/novinky - is is right below the social icons

the second thing is that I cannot move up the masonry on the frontpage (http://www.fiorita.cz) all the way up there is a gap above it.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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Re: when sorted by tag/category, the nav bar vanishes

Post by drake » 30 May 2014, 19:58

For your "masonry" add at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles:

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.home article.page {padding: 0 15px;}
About navigation bar, probable a plugin which break the default behavior. Try to disable all your plugins (including the multilanguages plugin) to see if the problem is solved, then re-enable them one-by-one until you find the culprit.