Columns messed up on firefox

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Columns messed up on firefox

Post by rakdesigns » 11 Jun 2014, 06:11

I have 3 columns with videos from vimeo and it looks great on Chrome, but the columns get messed up on Firefox. Is there a way to prevent this?

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Re: Columns messed up on firefox

Post by drake » 12 Jun 2014, 19:20

Your problem have nothing to do with Suffusion and it cannot be considered as a bug of the theme.

Your columns are obtained with some plugin as they are wrapped in div's of ".ezcol" class (easy columns?). In these columns, adapted to fit a row, are inserted video's as iframes with a fixed width of 500px. Some browsers think that the columns are more important and adjust the iframes to fit, other browsers consider more important to keep the iframes to their defined width. You could have other errors too, in Firefox I cannot see at all the stylesheet for Easy Columns. Without widths and floats from this file the columns are simple rows which fill the wrapper.

What you can try...
1. With Suffusion Shortcodes plugin activated try one of these solutions:
- either use [suffusion-multic] and [suffusion-column] shortcodes to create your columns (instructions here: ... tionality/)
- either define one ad-hoc widget area with 3 columns at Suffusion Options -> Sidebars, add each video in a widget in this ad-hoc area, then paste the shortcode for ad-hoc area in your page.
2. Can re-make your homepage based on Custom Layout and add all the content from that page in widgets.