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Navigation disappeared in mobile

Posted: 01 May 2015, 12:01
by fajmp
The navigation bar has disappeared in all the mobile views. Everything was working well. Not sure if it's since the new wp update (4.4.7) that I've had trouble as I didn't check it out right away. I have responsive layouts enabled and at all breakpoints. I don't have a header image so that is not checked. Sidebars don't show on the two smallest and show on the bottom for the rest.
I'm using firefox, but it's doing the same on Internet Explorer.
Is there something I'm missing?
Here is my website at for you to check for yourself.

I forgot to mention this also in case it is connected...there is no alt text in the navigation bar even though it is "Title" attribute upon hovering over navigation bar" is checked.

Re: Navigation disappeared in mobile

Posted: 01 May 2015, 18:58
by drake
You have a lot of javascript errors which prevent the transformation from drop-down menu to select list on mobile devices.

Looks like you've added some javascripts at Custom Footer Javascript included in <script></script> tags. There need to add only the codes, without <script> tags, and eventually need to adjust the codes to be in NoConflict mode.

If they are tracking codes, maybe better is to try add them exactly as they was provided, with <script> tags, in a text widget in Widget Area Above Footer, or at Suffusion Options -> Other Graphical Elements -> Footer in Central Area of footer.

Re: Navigation disappeared in mobile

Posted: 01 May 2015, 21:41
by fajmp
Thank you for the prompt reply Drake! Could you be so kind as to tell me how and where to delete the extra scripts? How does one check for these? Show me the way...I have no clue but a quick learner.

Re: Navigation disappeared in mobile

Posted: 01 May 2015, 21:57
by drake
The scripts seems to be added at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Footer Javascripts.

Can be added there, but without <script> tags... and in NoConflict mode where is needed.

Can have also some plugins which break the javascripts from your site...