Issues creating new posts with WP 4.6

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Issues creating new posts with WP 4.6

Post by mtd » 05 Sep 2016, 23:20

I run two WP blogs, one with the Twenty Ten theme and one with Suffusion. The Twenty Ten theme is fine since the 4.6 update, but on my Suffusion site, none of the buttons in my New Post window work. There are no buttons in the Text window for italics, bold, links etc, I can't switch between Visual and Text, the Add Media button doesn't work, basically I've lost all the functionality when creating a new post. I've tried this in Chrome and Safari, it is the same in both, and I can only assume it's Suffusion related, as the Twenty Ten theme works fine. Can anyone help me?


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Re: Issues creating new posts with WP 4.6

Post by Colin » 06 Sep 2016, 02:17

There is no problem with Suffusion and WP 4.6 so it is something unique to your install.

Try the usual WP fault finding of disabling all plugins first and then see. If that doesn't work try a fresh download and reinstall Suffusion.

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Re: Issues creating new posts with WP 4.6

Post by mbrsolution » 07 Sep 2016, 20:05

@mtd, I can confirm that Suffusion is working with WordPress 4.6.1 and also with WordPress 4.7 Alpha. In both case it displays correctly on the front end and I am able to save changes made on the backend. I have not done a thorough test of all the features in Suffusion because that would be a nightmare :D but so far it is working well.

Kind regards
Manuel Ballesta Ruiz

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