Sidebar 1 Widgets Upside Down

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Sidebar 1 Widgets Upside Down

Post by bucks » 19 Jan 2010, 16:12


I'm a new WP user and chose Suffusion as our Theme. It's really nice - thank you.

I'm having some issues though - and of course, it may just be me - the widgets I add via drag and drop in the back end are appearing in reverse order on the actual site. Not too big a deal for the first and last as I can just switch them but for the ones in the middle it's getting confusing.

Also, the Links widget won't change to "links" - it will only display the default blogroll even though in the Links drop down I have it set to "all links".

Any ideas?


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Re: Sidebar 1 Widgets Upside Down

Post by sayontan » 19 Jan 2010, 16:19

This has been addressed several times on this forum and on WP itself, including twice in the last 2 days. See here: ... =533#p2610.

Couldn't follow your second question - what's your URL?