Posts and Fixed Content on Same Page

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Posts and Fixed Content on Same Page

Post by JimmyCraig » 28 Feb 2010, 17:14


I'm still discovering things about the theme, and I'm not sure whether what I'm asking is a support request or a feature request!

I am redoing an existing site for newbie webmasters, and it would be very helpful (I think so, anyway) if we could have the fixed content (the lessons) and comments on them or other things side-by-side. It's sort of like a three/four column theme where there are two main columns and then the usual sidebars. It's not competition - it's for conventional html sites, at least to start with, although there will eventually be a section on blogs also. :mrgreen:

Can I do this with what is already there in the theme? If not, would you consider the request?


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Re: Posts and Fixed Content on Same Page

Post by Connie » 01 Mar 2010, 05:11

As far as I could say this is beyond the theme.