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Hide "Comment form closed" Message on ALL Pages

Post by cbozic » 09 Mar 2010, 08:12

Wow, thanks again for this great suffusion theme! I greatly appreciate it and can't believe you're still releasing updates when you're on the mend. I hope you feel better soon!

I would like to offer one feature request for your consideration. I wish that I had the option to always hide the comment form on any newly created page without having to go to the theme's comment options and selecting all each time.

Thanks again!
Chris Bozic

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Re: Hide "Comment form closed" Message on ALL Pages

Post by avi » 16 Mar 2010, 07:56

I agree with Chris. It would be very convenient if Suffusion had an option to automatically hide the "Comment form closed" message on all pages. Currently I have to do this manually each time that I add a page.

In any event, congratulations, Sayontan. The new features in Suffusion 3.4.0 look fantastic. I immediately turned on the "Display All" setting for pages in the navigation bar, and it worked perfectly.