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Main Navigation Left & Center

Post by bbgun » 11 Apr 2010, 06:25

On the Top navigation bars there is a left & right option. It would be nice if the Main navigation bar had a left, right & center option.



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Re: Main Navigation Left & Center

Post by sayontan » 11 Apr 2010, 10:04

I tried providing it, but there are some issues with it on IE7, hence it isn't there as an option.

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Re: Main Navigation Left & Center

Post by covermesongs » 29 Apr 2010, 18:10

So does this mean there's no way to push certain tabs in my main bar to the right? Ideally I'd like some on the left and some on the right, perhaps with a gap in the center. It could even be divided as simply as Home and Links on left, Pages on right. Impossible?

Related question: Is there a way to make all tabs the same width? Not sure if it would look better, but I'd like to see.