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Flash Header

Post by abi » 13 Apr 2010, 03:10


As of now suffusion does not provide the option of flash header. The workaround is embedding the flash file in the widget area below header.

1) Is there any plan for bringing the feature in suffusion in near future?
2) Can anyone suggest any plugins available through wordpress that can be used for flash header in suffusion?
3) Is there any other code/possiblities by which Flash header can be done in Suffusion?


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Re: Flash Header

Post by laceygriffen » 21 Apr 2010, 00:49

Flash animation is an exciting way to introduce movement into website. It greatly enhances the impact of website and provides the viewer with a rich, compelling experience.If search online there are some sites which offers flash softwares and plugins to get flash header animations.Flash makes website more appealing and it would improve effectiveness of website.

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Re: Flash Header

Post by Connie » 21 Apr 2010, 01:22

Flash increases the side-load immensively and most of the effects which can be done by Flash can be done with JQuery as well IMHO

mostly Flash is used for annoying flickerflacker at pages so I (and many others as well) deactivate Flash in their browser with good reasons :|