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Option to Show/Hide empty (sub)categories in Main Navigation

Posted: 22 Apr 2010, 02:55
by Ampton

I help a friend to develop its blog and we encounter a problem in our Main Navigation Menu.
We used the Main Navigation menu feature, to display Pages and Categories with a Drop Down menu.

For the page, it works really good -> Top level pages and child pages are displayed correctly.
For the categories, well, many are missing.

The blog is about a collection of objects, there are many categories and subcategories created to reflect "nomenclature" of the collection. Example: A car category could have subcategories like luxury car, electric car, ... Each subcategories could also have subcategories and so one. Example: luxury car could have Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, ...
A post, reflecting an object of the collection, is assigned to a specific (sub-)category. For example, Mercedes.
This means than in our hierarchy of categories, we will have this:
  • Car (0 post)
    • Luxury car (0 post)
      • Jaguar (0 post)
      • Ferrari (0 post)
      • Mercredes (1 post)
    • Electric car (0 post)
Suffusion filters categories which are empty, meaning no post directly attached to it.
It does not consider the category inheritance of a post.

To fix this problem, I edited the core theme functions to add the parameter 'hide_empty' => false where it's required to fix the problem. (I can give more informations if required).
However, I think that it could be great to:
  • add a feature allowing the end-user to allow the empty (sub-)categories to be shown
  • check the post's category inheritance --> WordPress feature ?
I hope than my explanation was cleared enough. If not, feel free to ask more information.

PS: Sorry if my english is not so good, but it's not my mother language ;)

Re: Option to Show/Hide empty (sub)categories in Main Navigation

Posted: 22 Apr 2010, 03:56
by Connie
I would suggest to write a small post for each category to explain the subject of that category.

By this you omitt empty menue-branches and develop a kind of glossary as well.