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Custom Image Navigation

Post by stasia » 26 Apr 2010, 23:01

Hi there,

First and foremost, your theme is fantastic and thanks so much for sharing. So easy to use and customize colors, css, etc.

However, I do have a quick question as I am trying to recreate a blog of mine from blogger into wordpress. One of the key features I have in the original blog account is the navigation uses custom images (no drop-downs) rather than text or background color based navigation.

Is it in your plans at all to offer custom navigation to use uploaded images rather than the text based ones that are there now?

If this is not in the works anytime soon, do you think the best way to do this would be to add a widget under the header with custom HTML?

Thanks so much for your help in advance and again, thanks for the great design on Suffusion and sharing with all of us! I will definitely be buying you a coffee (I mean donation :-)) on your site.

Thanks again.

- S