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font size

Post by marcnyc » 09 May 2010, 15:32

I was thinking it would be nice to be able to set the font size of the whole site/blog from within Suffusion (since it is possible to chance the font face I don't see why not the font size also, right?)

For those who like me wanted to make the fonts overall a bit smaller, here's the CSS definitions I have added in my custom CSS to make it so:

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	font-size: 12px;

	font-size: 16px;

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Re: font size

Post by perpetualjon » 11 May 2010, 10:46

Thanks for posting your code tweak! I'll definitely tuck this away in the event that I need to make a global change I now have all the elements in one place to modify!

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Re: font size

Post by Connie » 11 May 2010, 23:16

thanks a lot, this is very helpful!

It should go to the HOW-TO-section until we have more options integrated;=)

Sayontan, what you think about that?