Nested Links?

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Nested Links?

Post by peter.lurie » 08 Jun 2010, 06:59

Hi Sayontan!
Thanks again for all the amazing new features that pour out of your resources!

A question: I am using Suffusion with WP-Hive, ( which allows for one main install, and then multiple sub(directory)-websites. (It allows for subdomain or subdirectory sites. I am using multiple subdirectory sites, each of which requires individual tweaking and set up). It is a big undertaking, and I am really looking for ways to streamline.

The site in question is going to be very large and complex. I am using the Top Navigation (in each subsite) to point to the top-level website, and then using the Main NavBar to be subsite-specific.

In order to get the top Nav to point to 'external' site pages, I am using pages with redirects. The problem is that I need to create duplicate pages in every sub-site, and then manually point them to the target pages.

It would radically improve my workflow if I could setup a LinkList and that way I wouldn't have to create pages & redirect them, cutting multiple steps. My wish would be then for nested Links... so that I could have drop-downs, as Ineed to group relevant links, rather than having a long string of Links.

I guess this is probably not possible with WordPress, but maybe I'm just not thinking out of the box.

I hope to hear from you!
Many thanks again, Peter

PS: after paying for WP-Hive, I am battling to get support. And also wondering what the difference in its capabilities, compared to the MU functions imminent with WP3x.

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Re: Nested Links?

Post by sayontan » 08 Jun 2010, 07:08

You can try using the "Menu" feature of WP 3.0. That lets you create menus any way you wish.