Disable Main Menus for Templates

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Disable Main Menus for Templates

Post by leadcrafter » 12 Jul 2010, 17:47

Hello Sayontan,

I have posted here before and although I have not yet donated to your cause, it is on the list of who to pay back to when it comes around. You've probably heard that all before, so I won't go on. But it should not go unsaid that this is by far the most powerful and complex yet easy to use theme I have found to date. Every time I setup a new site I learn something new about how to best take advantage of its features. You've done a fantastic job of implementing features that are useful and effective and not just fluff.
That being said, I have the smallest of suggestions that would make, in my opinion, this theme a little better.
Have you considered offering a checkbox to enable/disable top and/or main menus from templates? I really like the no-main-menu landing page but to get that it seems I have to disable or hide the menu for all pages. Being able to select that would be really awesome... I think.
Knowing your theme so well, do you know of another way to accomplish this idea?
Anyway - thanks for reading. It's a really great piece of work.
Looking forward to all improvements, even if they aren't mine... :)


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Re: Disable Main Menus for Templates

Post by Faolan » 18 Jul 2010, 13:04

Look up Child Themes which is probably the easiest way to do this, and modify the template on a per page basis. This is something I'm experimenting with at the moment along with per post styling.