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Custom spacing

Post by edgewerker » 13 Jul 2010, 17:02

Suffusion is a very nice and very flexible theme. Thank you for developing and releasing it to us.

I've noticed, though, that it is very dependent on 15px spacing between elements. I mean, this is hard coded in the php code, so is quite tedious to change.

How hard would it be to make the spacing a configurable theme option? It could certainly be constrained to some reasonable range...say 2 to 20px.

Has anyone else changed the spacing, say similar to



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Re: Custom spacing

Post by CotfbStone » 14 Jul 2010, 09:45

I too would like this option. I am not knowledgeable too much about the coding or changing it. Yes I could tinker and experiment, but running a site and a staff is a lot of work, wespecially for my growing site. For me, it would be great if it was in the visual options tab.