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Suffusion Updates

Posted: 03 Aug 2010, 05:15
by Dark_Fox28
Hi Sayontan

I was reading the birthday page on your site and the plans for the future, good to see photo blogging being included and new widget area's.

Anyway i was also reading how slow Wordpress has become at approving updates to themes and how they remove an update if you submit a new version ( while waiting for old version with possible bug fix to be approved )

Is it possible to feature the downloads from your site ( as well as Wordpress ) - If not then how about featuring a download of the changed files so some of us can manually update these files using FTP, you could provide a small changelog with information about the folders where we need to place the updated files.

Re: Suffusion Updates

Posted: 03 Aug 2010, 05:51
by Connie
I could offer a download-page at my site

So the burden of too much traffic can be softened ;=)

Re: Suffusion Updates

Posted: 03 Aug 2010, 08:25
by sayontan
The bandwidth is not an issue here. The only thing I want to avoid is distributing an unapproved theme.