Colors of Widgets

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Colors of Widgets

Post by lance_kidd » 27 Aug 2010, 02:05

Sayontan, please take a moment if you could to help me do something, if it isn't too difficult.

You have options available to change most aspects of the default theme's colors, including the date box. However, I haven't found a way to changed the header colors of the widgets, except to make them flat, with no header. I also would like an option to be able to change the background color of the widgets if that is indeed possible, kind of like the option that is available to change the background of the posts.

Is this possible without having to wait on a new release?

Thank you very much for a superb theme. I have finally stopped looking, lol.

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Re: Colors of Widgets

Post by sayontan » 27 Aug 2010, 12:59