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More Visual Effects to change

Posted: 11 Feb 2010, 13:02
by Isidore
1st: Wonderfull theme that I use for 2 websites.

2nd: In the visual effects options I miss the ability to change the post/page background colors.
I selected a template and then started changing the colour options. I can change many parts but I can not seem to find the option to change the black background of a post/page (where the text area is). Please see my website ( for a visual explanation (most area's are changed to my desire except the black text area's).

3rd Since I changed the colours and background image the site is loading very slow. I changed the image to a smaller size without loss of quality, but still. The issue seems to be the place where it needs to download the image from. Is there a limited size?

4th: Also the ability to choose where the body (post/page area) can be aligned is missing. It is centered but I want the option left or roight alignment.

5th: I can't upgrade to the latest version through WP. I use a stand alone WP without ftp program, so I would really like to update to the new version through the WP Theme menu.

Perhaps I am over looking this option in the huge menu, in that case please lett me know where I can find them. In any other case I would love it when this becomes an option to complet my visual effect part of the site. :D

Re: More Visual Effects to change

Posted: 11 Feb 2010, 13:19
by sayontan
Your page loads quite fast (4.5s in a test, without caching). One of the slowest components of your page is the background image (which is quite large - 484KB), but in general your page is fast.

For #2 and #4, see this article and this post. Agreed, these could be built as explicit options, but that is not high on my agenda at present because there is one easy way take care of this as described in the articles.

When you say you cannot upgrade, what exactly do you mean? Unfortunately if you cannot upgrade through the admin panel, your only option is to FTP. You could alternatively use the "Edit" functionality for themes and copy and paste every file into it, but this process will not let you create a new file.

Re: More Visual Effects to change

Posted: 11 Feb 2010, 13:30
by Isidore
Thank you for the fast reply!
I will see what I can do about the size of the backgr. image. Will also read the articles you send me.
I'll get an FTP to upgrade to the new version.
ThnX again!