A few feature requests

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A few feature requests

Post by CeeKay » 12 Feb 2010, 05:36

Hi Sayontan,

I just posted on a topic, but then by brain got ticking and I thought of a few other bits n bobs. Firstly, I would just like to reiterate my thanks and shear wonderment at your theme and frequency of updates, you do an amazing job! I hope my requests dont come across as too demanding (it's easy for us to throw request after request at you, but I'm sure the practicalities are much harder than we believe them to be) - I wouldn't know where to begin!
As mentioned in my other post I will be buying you a coffee come payday at the end of the month.

So, (ramble over) my suggestions/requests are:

1. The tabbed sidebar - Is there any update as to when we will be able to add any widgets to it? Currently, this is the only thing stopping me from using this particular feature.

2. Hover over links - currently you haveoptions to underline when hovering over links, would it be possible to add a function that makes the link/text to go bold rather than underline when hovered over?

3. Text in sidebars - Similarly, it is possible to add a function for standard text in the sidebar(s) to show in bold?

4. Featured posts - I love the slide show feature on the front of the magazine page - is it possible to have the number buttons (and next page, prev page buttons) within the greyed/blacked out area of the slide show (where the title/excerpt goes). Or better yet, to have a thumbnail picture of the other featured posts within the grey/blacked out area?

5. Posted by... - I read on one of the other topics that you're working on having the Posted by... under the article title, I hope all is going well with that - I'd love to see that feature too.

6. Articles/posts - not sure how easy or possible this is, but would it be possible to have all posts from the same day grouped together? Currenlty there is a seperation between and a individual date stamp on each post. My blog (will have) several posts each day on occasions, I figure it may look better if there was a seperation by date only option? (Not sure that makes sense, http://www.io9.com is an example of what I mean - kinda). With maybe a dotted line seperating the individual posts on that particular day.

7. A to Z - this maybe well out of the question, but I've been unable to find a plugin that can help (or that I can make sense of!), but within certain posts/catagories/pages, it is possible to have an A - Z list across the top? So that instead of date order, the posts on that page/catagory can be in alphabetical order and the reader can then click on the relevant letter and the posts under that letter with appear/page will jump to that point (most likely utilising Tags).

Sorry if this is a little long winded - I did have a good look through the feature requests to make sure I wasn't repeating other requests. I'm not that great with code, so apologies if some of these things are simple fixes I could do myself.

Keep up the good work my friend, lovin what you do!


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Re: A few feature requests

Post by Connie » 12 Feb 2010, 06:21

question #2 : use custom CSS to define your styles

question #3: did you try to use the HTML-markups in text widgets? Why not?

Code: Select all

 <b> </b> or <strong> </strong>
question #6: search for a WP Plugin to do this job

question #7: this might be a plugin as well, I am sure it should not be a theme option, see here:

I just did a search in http://www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins for "my post order" and I found some of them.
So you will find as well

just my 5 cents, Connie

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Re: A few feature requests

Post by sayontan » 12 Feb 2010, 10:55

Regarding your questions:
#1 - No update, but it will be tackled shortly, since I am currently focusing on widget areas and widgets.

#2, #3, #4 - can all be done using the Custom CSS option. #2 and #3 are easy. #4 will require something like the CSS specified in http://www.aquoid.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... 3620#p3600

#5 - The trouble with this one as I have stated earlier is that I have to write a migration routine for people who have set this option. That is a pain. I don't know when I will address this.

#6 - Apart from plugins I don't see how you can do this. Something that I intend to provide is an archive-based navigation option, but this is quite some time later. Moreover I don't think this exactly suits your requirements.