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SEO settings

Post by lance_kidd » 20 Oct 2010, 01:12

I'm using the plug-in all-in-one SEO and I disabled the SEO in suffusion. I use hostgator hosting and in the control panel, I signed up for Attracta and my hosting provider gives me several free scans of the website. When I was using the SEO settings in suffusion, it ranked my site pretty high, like a 70, but when I disabled suffusion's SEO and enabled and tweaked the all in one, it went wayyyy down.

What do search engines look at when in my case, I have the plug-in for the SEO information and have suffusion's settings disabled?

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Re: SEO settings

Post by Bambo » 20 Oct 2010, 03:54

May be because all your keywords, descriptions, titles and whatever is manageable by a SEO tool now has changed?

Check this one btw, Best one I have seen, also a "all-in-one" type of beast. He mention a new tool which can export/import SEO data from one plugin/theme to another. Selected ones for now, Suffusion not among the chosen yet. All that stuff does not follow along if tied to a plugin/themes database and then Google gets confused - and perhaps punísh site in a way.

Now I read your post again I think some info on that scan is required to say anything. So I should not :geek: Technically your site should work perfectly but Google and other powers can still punish you for what I said about changing SEO values. At least temporarily. That guy Yoast has also written an article about this, why NOT to use themes for SEO data. Which is BS as long as you don't change theme or plugin ;) Something to keep in mind at least and kind of a hidden potential problem.

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Re: SEO settings

Post by ganddy » 27 Jun 2015, 09:52

Hi guys, for this year, what do you think is the best approach to this?

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Re: SEO settings

Post by Colin » 27 Jun 2015, 11:05

Yoast is the most popular and the one I use.

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Re: SEO settings

Post by drake » 27 Jun 2015, 17:23

You can now import all SEO post information from Suffusion either in AIO SEO Pack either in Yoast SEO plugin, even because at a moment the SEO settings will be removed from Suffusion: ... for-posts/