Thumbnails in Wordpress Gallery not showing

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Thumbnails in Wordpress Gallery not showing

Post by ChibiChiii » 05 Aug 2015, 04:48

Hey there!

I've been trying to generate a Wordpress Gallery [gallery columns="4" ids="13542,13544,13545,13549,13543,13548,13552"] with a couple of uploaded images.
However the issue is as follows, when I chose the size thumbnail the gallery does not show up at all.
No error, nothing, just a blank space of where the gallery should be.
Now I've also tried using another plugin called Justified Image Grid, which says "items" are empty when I set these id's.
I have triple checked the id's and they are correct. Than I have disabled every other plugin to seek out any conflicts, nothing the gallery still would not show.
Than I swapped to the theme Twenty Fifteen, and voilá my thumbnail gallery suddenly showed up without any problems.
Swapped back to Suffusion, and the gallery dissapeared again.

Now this only happens when I have the size set to thumbnail, medium and full size are showing just fine.

The url to the page in question is ... galleries/

The gallery is added right under the Main Actors heading you can only see a empty line though.
Don't be confused by the images underneath, these are added manually without a gallery to temporarily fix and keep it available for my visitors.

Some additional information, I have checked the upload folder and the thumbnails are generated just fine with the sizes behind the name like Avatar96x96.png etc.

I have checked out every post I could find regarding to this issue but without any luck, so I'm at my wits end.

I hope you can help me figure this out and get the thumbnails working normally with the wordpress gallery.

Thanks in advance!