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integration with wordpress

Posted: 25 Oct 2016, 08:09
by ericshew
Hi there,

I'm running into a problem integrating phototonic with wordpress. I've tried posting a bunch of shortcodes, but nothing comes up. Here is what I've done.

I've gotten my api and secret from smugmug and applied them to smugmug settings.

I've taken my nickname and applied them to the codes as per the below.

Can you give me a hand and let me know what I'm droing wrong?

[gallery type='smugmug' nick_name='ericshew']

[gallery type='smugmug' nick_name='ericsehew' view='images']

[gallery type='smugmug' nick_name='ericshew' view='tree']

THe page that uses thesse codes is here:

My smugmug account can be found here: