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Drop down menu on mobile

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 06:15
by geoffm

I have a small issue with the drop down menu on mobile devices. This link shows the issue:

Looking at the menu, some top level options are links, and go straight to a page - home, the gliding blog, contact information.

The rest are not links - on mouseover they aren't clickable, they just display the different sub menu items. I implemented this with with a custom link, and inserting then deleting the hash symbol. See the 'try gliding' menu as an example. It is not clickable, but displays the options underneath - first flight, learn to fly, etc., which are clickable. This is fine, and how I want it to work

However, going to the site on a mobile device, the menu behaviour is different. Bringing up the menu allows all options to be selected - including the ones such as 'try gliding' which go nowhere, and so if selected give a page doesn't exist error.

Is there any way to make top level items which aren't linked to a page, not clickable on a mobile device?