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Two issues

Posted: 29 Dec 2012, 16:25
by cbl
- WordPress 3.5
- Origin theme
- both Chrome and Safari (on a Mac)
- Smugmug

Having two mostly unrelated issues here:

1. I have the list of gallery thumbnails from smugmug showing up correctly in the page as desired. However, if the gallery contains more than about 15 images, at my (high) resolution, the browsing popup opens in such a way that the admin toolbar obscures the X to close the popup, so there's no way to close out of the popup. Mostly this is an inconvenience, as I'll be the only one to see it, but perhaps it would be an easy fix with some alternate closing method.

2. Somewhat more challenging is a bug that crops up if I try to limit the number of thumbnails that display in the popup to avoid the first issue. The smugmug tab in the photonic settings does not contain any functionality to limit the number of items, but Generic Options > Flickr/Picasa Popup Panel does contain a setting to limit the number of items in the popup. By default, it's set to 20. Despite the "Flickr/Picasa" thing, I tried setting it to a lower number (both 12 and 15), and the result was unexpected. The popup seems to be correctly truncating the list, as it shows Prev/Next buttons and seems to transition between pages, but the popup is almost completely cut off so that I can only see the gallery title and the top 5-6 pixels of the first row of thumbnails. So I'm in the bind of either having a popup that flows off the page or having a popup that doesn't actually show any thumbs.

Happy to provide screenshots/url by DM if it would help.

Many thanks for any help.

Re: Two issues

Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 07:11
by sayontan
Try reducing the size of the thumbnails in the popup, if they aren't at the smallest size right now.

Re: Two issues

Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 11:50
by cbl
Reduced the thumbs to "tiny" (the smallest smugmug setting) and it didn't have any effect. Well, for issue 1, it reduces the size of the popup box a bit, but not much.

With issue 2, it seems that any number of images over the max number in the popup setting (default is 20) is truncated weirdly. Please see the attachment. Maybe some sort of CSS conflict?

Re: Two issues

Posted: 05 Jan 2013, 21:47
by cbl
Update: I swapped some photos over to Flickr, and the same thing is happening. Exactly the same behavior as the screenshot above. CSS error? Happens in Chrome and Safari. Very strange.

FIXED -- I skimmed through everything I could find here regarding the popup, and I found a post that suggested adding this to the style.css:

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.simplemodal-container { height: 600px !important; }
Pleased to say that worked.