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indexing date

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 16:54
by guci
Search engines wrong indexing date
missing spaces between DD YYYY
should be MM DD YYYY
example, 'Mar 042012' should be 'Mar 04 2012'
This by Date Box in posts

MM - month
DD - day
YYYY - year

I greet

Re: indexing date

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 20:23
by drake
This is neither a bug of Suffusion or Photonic. The date is settled in WordPress at Settings -> General and the WordPress date is used by Suffusion, plugins or even by search engines. Each of this can format and show the date in different ways, but not Suffusion is responsible for how is displayed the date in searches.

Re: indexing date

Posted: 30 Nov 2013, 05:12
by guci
it does not set wordpress
is responsible for this 'Date Box'
Suffusion Options -> Skinning -> Date Box
option set to 'Hide' no repairs - Google still sees this date
For example, page
Image is indexed Aug 062013
why not Aug 06 2013 ?

Re: indexing date

Posted: 30 Nov 2013, 08:38
by drake
Your logic is unbeatable... How can be responsible for your date something which even not exists? As you said if you hide the date box (so this box not exists) Google still print his date. My logic tell me that Google don't read something which is not there. Telling more, you can set your date to be printed in a more "date" format (without any date box formatting) by choosing another "Position of meta information (including date)" at Suffusion Options -> Other Graphical Elements -> Post and Page Bylines, but for sure this will not correct what you see on Google.

I doubt that Google even read the date of wordpress, because I can change the date of a post from edit screen, but this will not fool Google. In search results Google will show the original date when it found a post on a site so the visitors will know when a post was published for the first time.

Even more, probably the date found by Google is formatted by browsers of visitors. I see the dates of my posts on Google in "" format, even if on my site the date is settled and showed in "dd/mm/yyyy" format. Try another exercise of logic and think what happens if your browser show the date from sites from Europe in "" format, and the date from US in "mm.dd.yyyy"? This don't seems to be a good experience as will confusing the users. So, the browser set all dates according to local settings (in my case I see the posts from in the same format, even if on site I see the date as mm.dd.yyyy )

In conclusion, Google don't read your date box and use the real date when a post was found on your site, date which is formatted by each browser according with visitor settings and this still don't have nothing to do with Suffusion.

Re: indexing date

Posted: 30 Nov 2013, 10:18
by guci

Re: indexing date

Posted: 30 Nov 2013, 11:08
by drake
Exactly as I said above... It is just your browser:
date.JPG (91.45 KiB) Viewed 16079 times

Re: indexing date

Posted: 30 Nov 2013, 11:17
by Colin
Whereas for me in my browser it looks like this. So Drake is 100% correct.
suf.jpg (66.52 KiB) Viewed 16078 times