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Popup View problem

Post by islandcamps » 07 Jul 2014, 14:24

I am using Photonic to view our Flickr photosets (albums) on Wordpress. There are two problems.

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Close button (x) not showing in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

1) The close button (x) has disappeared, have to refresh / reload page to get popup view to close (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). How would I get it back?

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Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer not showing all photos in photoset (album) for all photoset (album)

2) The popup view is not showing all of the photos in the album only the first six & last two photos by clicking arrow left or right (there are 22 photos) if you click on one photo then you can scroll to see all (22) photos. In the attached image, looks like you would be able to scroll down to see rest of the photos, but they don't show, only scrolls to bottom of your page. How would I view all the photoset's (album's) photos in the popup view when you select a photoset (album)?

link: islandcamps.com/demo/photo-gallery
Wordpress Version 3.9.1