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Updated French translation for Suffusion 3.6.6

Posted: 02 Nov 2010, 05:11
by traductionbiz
Hello Sayontan,

Attached herewith is are updated French .po and .mo files for Suffusion 3.6.6...

The notable changes are:

- altered spaces before semi-colons and colons to non-breaking spaces;

- corrected some minor spelling errors, and slightly reformulated a few of the previous translations for possibly-better clarity;

- adjusted a few cases of capitalization to fit French conventions;

- changed term "email" to "adresse de courrier électronique" to satisfy some French speakers conservatives ("courriel" is recommended by the French government and the Academie Française, but often disliked by normal people). I made similar changes to the WordPress .po/.mo files for consistency;

- translated the English term "Fade" as "Fondu";

- translated the terms "Horizontal Blinds" ("Store vénitien"), "Diagonal Blinds" ("Store à lames diagonales") and "Vertical Blinds" ("Store à lames verticales");

The above three terms are open to discussion. In English film and TV jargon, you *could* have used the terms "Horizontal Wipe", "Diagonal Wipe" and "Vertical Wipe", but may have had reasons for not doing so. I could have used the term "volet" instead of "store", but "volet" can have other associations for most French speakers... These English terms are tough nuts for a translator to crack, and my choices are just my current best suggestions. Robert may have comments about this?

You can see the results at

Hope this helps, and thanks for your terrific work. ;)


Re: Updated French translation for Suffusion 3.6.6

Posted: 06 Nov 2010, 02:47
by sayontan
Thanks, David!