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Available Translations for 2.4.7

Posted: 20 Oct 2009, 21:48
by sayontan
The following translation files are available for folks who want to use them. Note that the French translation is included by default.
Spanish - es_ES.po,
European Portuguese - pt_PT.po,
Catalan - ca.po,

Re: Available Translations for 2.4.7

Posted: 24 Oct 2009, 14:25
by GeorgWP
Nice theme that I want to give the Danish bloggers access to.

The Danish language files are available from ... s/?did=215.

Usually, I update the language files within a day or two after a new version of a theme or plugin has been published.

Re: Available Translations for 2.4.7

Posted: 24 Oct 2009, 14:38
by sayontan
Thanks! I will include this in the next version!

Re: Available Translations for 2.4.7

Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 14:29
by MMar
Hi, Sanyotan,

I am helping a friend install your theme for her blog, 'cause I recommended it to her and she loved it. We share our WP blogs on the same server, and I'm doing the template stuff for her, and her site is in Spanish. So I see these two links, but don't know what they are. Which link should I click and what should I do?

In another post telling how to translate the theme, I read:
"In your WordPress installation folder you will see a file called "wp-config.php". Open it in a file editor. You will see a line starting with "define ('WPLANG', ...)". Set that line to

define ('WPLANG', 'nl') (UPDATED CODE)

But that does not automatically change the thing to Spanish specifically does it? So I'm not clear. Do I have to do this piece of code, and then click on one of these links? And then what do I do with the code/folder in these links? I appreciate your patience with me, as I can figure out a little bit of html, but I'm not a developer.

Also, since I'm doing the install for her and our WP blogs are on the same site (as add-on domains), I hope that my own site doesn't suddenly turn into Spanish!! I guess it won't because the changes will be to HER WP file. Right? Just confirming.

Thanks again for a great theme with excellent support and modification options.


Re: Available Translations for 2.4.7

Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 16:43
by sayontan
If these are two different WP installations (on the same server) then changing the wp-config.php on one will not affect the other.